Child Care

The Durham District School Board (DDSB) supports the provision of quality child care services in its schools through qualified, licensed child care operators where space is available and the need for service has been identified through community/regional ​planning processes.


Schoolhouse Playcare Centre – Sir Samuel Steele

For more information regarding childcare at Sir Samuel Steele P.S., please contact:

Olivia Rellinger, RECE - Supervisor

Before & After School care offered at Sir Samuel Steele P.S.

Located at 55 Bakerville St., Whitby, ON. L1R 2K4


Please visit us here often for updates!

Schoolhouse Play Care Flyer


Durham District School Board Child Care policy

The Durham District School Board's policy (#1500) illustrates the Board's commitment to building strong partnerships with child care centres to support schools, students, families, and communities. Research has shown that ​the early years – from conception to age six – are the most signifi​cant and influential years in terms of brain development, learning, behaviour, and health. High-quality licensed child care that supports the development of cognitive and social skills can enhance school readiness and help children achieve later school success.